How We Work

Studio 62 moves away from ad hoc interior decoration, and instead adopts a sagacious interior planning and design process that results in spaces that are beautiful in form and superior in function.

Client Brief

All of our projects begin with the preparation of a project brief. The brief is created through close collaboration, discussion and insight between you, the client, our team and other involved affiliates (Architects, Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Graphic Designers, Lighting Designers, and others). The brief sets the tone for the entire job and enables us to determine the scope, timeline and budget of the project. We place particular importance on the brief as it enables us to conceptualise and work towards an interior solution that you could never have imagined, but that is exactly what you expected.

Comprehensive Project Management

We’ve found that successful interior planning projects involve the skillful coordination of various factors in order to successfully synchronise the emerging design and the project plan. The thorough planning and management we approach your interior projects with enables us to achieve flawless execution. As we proceed we undertake rigorous checks and measures so as to complete your project in-time, within budget and on brief.

Financial control, budgeting, and tendering

Over the years we’ve learnt that careful financial control is essential to the success of all interior planning projects. Our approach involves helping you apply rigorous controls to all financial aspects of the project and offering advice on where best to source for quality materials within a given budget. Whether a large or small project, you’ll find our financial control experience invaluable to your interior planning project.

Design Process

Our design process is born from your vision for your space, driven by insights from our vast interior planning experience, and supported by our network of reliable affiliates. The two main pillars of our design considerations are:

Personality: - We interpret your brand or personality vis-à -vis corresponding style elements- whether traditional or contemporary, rustic or cosmopolitan, minimal or baroque- we are able to create an interior expression that matches who you are.
Context: - We consider historical, traditional and cultural influences that pertain to your space and translate them in the most relevant way possible.

Prototyping and Fit-out

Once we have sourced the ideal materials our design team spends time on location meticulously implementing your interior plan. As we work we test various design elements, look out for any possible design enhancements and we insist on focusing on the small, yet significant details until we arrive at your envisioned space. Our work continues post creation, as we are always on hand to offer consultancy on your interior plan and ready to continue working on your space as it evolves.

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